iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Review 2023

The iJoy-2580 massage chair offers considerable massage power, especially given its fairly diminutive price. With three customizable massage programs, which focus on the traditional problem areas of the lumbar area, shoulders and upper back, it’s designed to be used daily to help relieve muscular aches and tension in the body. Whilst it doesn’t offer many of the sophisticated features of other chairs, it’s a good all-rounder which offers an effective massage.

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iJoy-2580 features

This modestly priced massage chair definitely packs in a lot of great features. Below are just some of our favorites. To learn more about all the details of this massage chair you can have a look at the iJoy-2580 owner’s manual.

Personalized massage function

Impressively, given the fact that the iJoy-2580 isn’t one of the most expensive models, it offers a good deal of flexibility in programming your massage. The good recline enables you to relax in a position that feels most comfortable, and the control panel enables you to set the intensity of the massage actions.

Softening pads

iJoy-2580 softening padsOne of the iJoy-2580’s stand-out features are the movable pads, which can be repositioned on the chair, depending on the level of massage you require. This allows for further customization, as the pads help to soften the sensation of the massage, which is really useful for those who require a gentler touch, such as the elderly or those who have recently had surgery.

3 Automatic programs

iJoy-2580 3 automatic programsThere are three automatic programs on the iJoy-2580, focusing on different areas of the body. The first relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area, the second focuses on the lumbar portion of the back, and the final program is a general back massage, covering all areas.

Range of massage techniques

The chair uses a range of massage techniques to promote relaxation and help soothe aching muscles. These roughly correlate with techniques used by professional masseurs, such as kneading, rolling, compressing and tapping.

Built-in control panel

iJoy-2580 built in control panelThe IJoy-2580 also features a built-in control panel, which is embedded into the armrest itself. This offers greater convenience for the user, enabling them to reprogram the chair without interrupting their massage experience.


  • Embedded, easy-to-use control panel
  • 3 automatic back massage programs
  • Fully customizable in terms of intensity and recline
  • Softening pads for a gentler massage
  • Massage techniques include kneading, tapping and compressing
  • Focus on lower and upper back, and neck
  • Choice of 2 colors
  • Lightweight compared to other models
  • Convenient beverage holder in armrest


  • No leg or foot massage
  • No arm or hand massage
  • Low to the ground

What’s missing?

The iJoy-2580 is a really appealing chair for those who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. However, the reduced cost inevitably brings with it some limitations in terms of functionality.

Unlike many other types of massage chair, for example, the BestMassage EC-06c or the Osaki OS-7075R, the iJoy-2580 doesn’t have any leg or foot massage functions. Whilst this is to be expected given the price difference, it’s still a regrettable absence, particularly for those who suffer from aching calves and feet.

Additionally, its design means that stimulation to the neck is somewhat limited. Given that this is where many people retain tension after a day at the office, it’s an unfortunate omission. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave, by contrast, features full neck and shoulder massage function, which actually wraps partially around the neck.

It’s also a little low to the ground, due largely to its lack of leg support. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem for some, for those who struggle with mobility, other massage chairs, such as the Fujimi EP8800, might be preferable.

What customers think about the iJoy-2580

Most people who have purchased the iJoy-2580 massage chair are really pleased with the chair, and claim that it offers an effective massage for the back and neck. Reviews generally highlight the superior quality of the back massage, and claim that the chair has helped ease pain and tension in this area. One user said that the chair has ‘really loosened up’ their lower back, and another claims to ‘love the vigorous massage’ that the iJoy-2580 offers.
iJoy-2580 massage chair features
However, a few do comment on the proximity to the floor, with one person pointing out that it ‘might be hard for people to climb out of if they have knee trouble.’ Another user highlights that it’s not so good for ‘tall people’, though other people contradict this, and claim that the size isn’t a problem.

Overall, people recognize that it offers really good value for the price.

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  • Weight: 88lbs
  • Dimensions:
    • Upright: 44â€(l) x 35â€(w) x 40â€(h)
  • Recline angle: 113Ëš to 165Ëš

iJoy-2580 dimensions

Owner’s manual for the iJoy-2580

If you want to learn even more about this chair, you can browse through the iJoy-2580 owner’s manual. It includes more details about the features and settings of the chair, as well as instructions on how it’s set up and used.

Warranty information

The iJoy-2580 comes with a 2 year limited warranty, which covers the user in the event of any malfunction due to defects in either the workmanship or materials of the chair. However, this doesn’t cover normal ‘wear and tear’ or any damage caused by the user.

Who the iJoy-2580 is for

iJoy-2580 massage chair in useThe competitive price of the iJoy-2580 makes it ideally suited to a more casual user, or for those who simply want to enjoy a short daily massage without committing to long, regular sessions. With its focus on the back and neck areas, it’s also a really good option for those who work at a computer, who are at a higher risk of developing pain in this region. The only cheaper option of comparable quality is its little brother the iJoy-2310.

The chic, upholstered appearance of the iJoy-2580 is likely to make it appealing to a younger, professional target market; as there’s something quite reminiscent of business-class airline seating about its design.

Despite the fact that this massage chair has less features than other models on the market, it still offers a really high quality back massage, which will make it appealing to those who simply want this function, and don’t really have need for anything extra.

Who this chair is NOT for

The size and low-seating of the iJoy-2580 make it problematic for elderly people to use, as getting in and out of the chair requires a good level of mobility. Likewise, anyone with a knee complaint is likely to particularly struggle when using it.

Given that it focuses solely on the back and neck, it’s also unsuited to those who are seeking an all-over body massage.

ConclusioniJoy-2580 massage chair sideThe iJoy-2580 provides an enjoyably intense back massage, and its flexibility means that your massage experience can be completely tailored to suit your specific requirements. This is a really appealing option, and allows users to target ‘problem’ areas and ease out tension and discomfort.

It’s also attractively priced, and is considerably lighter than some other models on the market; in some cases, by as much as 200lb. This means that it can be easily moved around the house if required.

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The iJoy-2580 massage chair is pleasingly professional in appearance, with generous padding and a slick black or espresso finish, which works well within a home or office environment. It may not offer as many extra features as some other massage chairs available to buy, but its modest price very much reflects this. It’s an excellent starter chair for those looking to enjoy a massage at home without investing large amounts of money. If you are looking for similar chairs you might also check out our reviews for the iJoy 2310 and the iJoy Active 2.0.

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